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TSProfCleaner Ver 4 :

VtRa TsProfCleaner is a Remote profile cleaner and it build with ability to remove (delete) user profiles , remote profile or local profiles on remote terminal servers or workstations.

User profiles can go large and may take up considerable disk space or get corrupted

and needs to be reset . 




TsProfCleaner 4.0.0 includes features like:

  • Deleting single user profile from multiple remote machines.
  • Automatic renaming main roaming profile (in case it needs to be recovered).
  • Delete profiles that are unused for a certain number of days.
  • Deleting all profiles from one or multiple machines (local profiles and roaming profiles)
  • You can exclude one or multiple profiles that are not to be deleted.
  • You can delete corrupted mandatory profiles from the servers.VtRa TsProfCleaner
  • You can create a workstations or terminal servers “ready to action list” in a seconds.
  • The remote profile cleaner support profiles cleaning on windows 2000, windows XP, windows 7, windows 8/8.1, windows2003, windows 2008R2/2008R2, windows2012R2.
  • You can create mix environment of servers or workstations (2003/2008/2012/7/8/8.1/XP) on the same list and TsProfCleaner will find automatically the profile path and will clean it.
  • When cleaning multiple profiles from server or workstation the TsProfcleaner sends  a signal to the station and all the cleaning is on the background (after sending all the signals you can close the terminal profile cleaner GUI and the cleaning will continue automatically).
  • Vtra Tsprofcleaner  (remote profile cleaner) is completely FREE  including free updates.

VtRa tsprofclener Update 4.0.5:

New feature is now available, at the end of every process you can save log file. Logs can be viewed by going into (File\Logs) from application window and it will open up new window with every saved log.


*importent note : In case of workstations local profile deletion, you have to be sure that users don’t have important folders like “My Documents” inside the user profile. We highly recommended to redirect all important folders out of the profile, to a file server in the network (via GPO). If you want to redirect important folder such as “Favorites” that you cannot find in AD GPO you can make a folder custom redirection. Check this link to learn how


VtRa Team







VtRa FFM (ver 2):copy file to multiple servers




Want to copy file or folder from source to multiple server and don’t know how ?


The new FFM (File and folder Manager) is a great addition to any SysAdmin’s collection of tools.


Once again our search for such tool has turned out empty and we have decided to make our own application that will copy and delete files and folders from and to multiple machines.


If you are deploying files and folders to multiple machines on daily basis then this tool is defiantly going

to make it easy for you to do that.


What this software dose:


1.       Copy any folder or file to a list of remote machines


 2.       Delete any folder or file from list of remote machines

3.       Copy options available (if already destination file or folder exists you can overwrite destination or rename destination for backup purposes and copy source, copy folder including permissions of source folder only not inherited permissions)

4.       The application provides logs of all actions and it can be saved for future references

5.    VtRa FFM Support copy files , copy  folders ,delete files , delete folders  on windows 2000, windows XP, windows 7, windows 8/8.1, windows2003, windows 2008R2/2008R2, windows2012R2

 6.       Full windows GUI application (no scripting involved)

7.       It’s FREE



This application is for straightforward copy and delete files and folders, this is not a synchronization software. There are some complex directories like redirected My Documents which consists of many folders and files with multiple permissions and folder ownership by specific user which cannot be copied by this software without losing special permissions.


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This little tool is very useful in Terminal Services environment where user must provide information to help desk about his or hers session details.

When running this app in Remote Desktop Session you will get a small window which will include several details like your username, display name, client name (computer name you are connecting from), client IP address and server name that you are connected to.Capture

Information provided by this little tool will give support person details on to which client or TS server he needs to connect in order to provide necessary services to a client.

This tool has been tested on all systems from Windows XP up to Windows 8 and only works while being connected to Remote Desktop.


Download “VtRa RDS”




VtRa Up Time :

Up-Time is small but useful application which shows current system’s uptime since last boot. It could be deployed via GPO and it works on any system. Simply install this app and run it, it will show you a small window with a last boot date and time and how long has it been since. Most Sys-Admins use network card properties for that purpose but sometimes it gives wrong information because it only gives information about connection state and not the entire system. uptime On Windows 8 systems it will show you information about last “Real Boot” and not native default “Windows 8 Hybrid Boot”. (For information on how to disable Windows 8 hybrid mode go here.)



Download “VtRa Up Time”